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Imagen de Homer Simpson Donut
Approval level: 90%
Updated : 2004-05-26
Downloads this week: 508
Times recommended: 0
Category: Wallpapers
SubCategory: Illustrations
Type: Freeware
Size: 109kb.
Language: Program in English or Multilanguage   Program in Spanish 

"Great Homer Simpson wallpaper, with spectacular graphics quality."

The Simpsons is quite possibly the most famous cartoon series ever, certainly featuring the most famous family ever. The number of fans around the world has grown over the many years the family have been entertaining us. Everyone has their favourite character, and if yours is Homer, then take a look at this Homer Simpson Donut. As you can clearly tell from the name, Homer Simpson Donut is a wallpaper of the famous The Simpsons character, doing what he likes best: eating.

This Homer Simpson wallpaper has incredible graphics quality, on top of a black background to see it better. It is optimized at 1024x768 pixel resolution. Recommended, especially for fans of the legendary Simpsons series!!

In Homer Simpson Donut you will get a very high quality image to use on your desktop, where you can see all the detail. And it has been processed to leave space around the edges for your icons, so as not to hamper you in your work.

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